Interested in helping supportdrug free workplaces?
Become an SAP or SAE!

Interested in helping support
drug free workplaces?

Become an SAP or SAE!

  • Interested in doing non-regulated substance abuse evaluations?
  • Interested in helping support drug free workplaces?

SRS sets the gold standard in performing Substance Abuse, Psychological & Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations; Critical Incident Stress Management and Employer Trainings

SRS, LLC. is a nationwide leader in providing referrals of DOT, NRC and non-regulated employees. SRS is a female owner-operated MDOT certified, MBE/DBE/SBE company with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. SRS was founded by a Healthcare Recruiter who recognized the critical need for an organization dedicated to assisting employers and individuals in attaining immediate access to clinical specialists who perform substance abuse, psychological and fitness-for-duty evaluations; critical incident stress management and employer trainings.

SRS works with thousands of employers nationwide helping to generate referrals to our providers.

SRS specializes in sourcing, credentialing and referring Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs); Substance Abuse Experts (SAEs) and Substance Abuse Specialists who meet the specific training and testing requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation 49 CFR Part 40 and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulation 10 CFR Part 26. SRS’ substance abuse professionals (SAPs) and experts (SAEs) meet the specific training and testing requirements. SRS’ driving mission is to set new standards for quality of service, while developing a network like no other.

Our Clients

SRS works with any individual, company or organization requiring a DOT, NRC, Workplace or DWI/DUI related substance abuse evaluation. SRS and our affiliate providers specialize in following the most recent guidelines set by all Department of Transportation (DOT), U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and company workplace drug and alcohol policies. SRS’ clients include, but are not limited to:

  • MROs – Medical Review Officers
  • C/TPAs – Consortium/Third Party Administrators
  • EAPs – Employee Assistance Programs
  • Collection Sites
  • Laboratories
  • MCOs – Managed Care Organizations
  • Federal, State and Local Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Transportation Associations
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Risk, Safety & Compliance Departments
  • Occupational Health Groups
  • Transportation Auditors
  • Labor Unions
  • Consultants
  • Treatment Providers
  • Legal Counsel

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