If you are a DOT regulated employee and work in a safety sensitive position, in the public transit, trucking, aviation, maritime, railroad or pipeline industries and have violated a DOT drug and alcohol testing regulation, you are required to go through the SAP process. DOT mandated employees must see a DOT qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). This means the SAP is required to have specialized training, credentialing and continuing education. The SAP must also follow specific rules and regulations regarding recommended education and/or treatment facilities.

If you are a non-regulated employee and required to go through a Substance Abuse program to get back into compliance with your company’s drug and alcohol policy, we have Substance Abuse Specialists ready to assist you.

FastTrack Enrollment – SAP Evaluation Services

$400 Includes the Following
Scheduling of the initial evaluation
(2) Face-to-face substance abuse evaluations with a DOT qualified SAP (if applicable)
Recommendations for education or treatment (as per the requirement of the DOT)
(2) SAP reports (initial and follow-up)
Recommendations for submitting to a return-to-duty test

SAP qualifications “Guaranteed” at time of initial evaluation

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